Ok, first select a sheet of A4 layout paper, marker paper, or if your just getting started, plain A4 photocopy paper. Tape this down onto your desk. Just to keep things loose, I've done it all free hand :).

Now draw a horizontal line towards the top of the sheet as shown.Mark a dot for the vanishing point. Then draw a line parallel to it below, 71mm or approx 7cm.
make the line 150mm long (..or 15cm long)



Lets make the rectangle. This will form the basic shape for the couch. Measure up from the base line 38mm. do this at either end of the line and draw 2 vertical lines. Join together to make a rectangle.


Using your ruler or set square, draw 'vanishing lines' from each corner of the rectangle back to the vanishing point. Remember the principle: that all planes and edges which move away from you into the distance, converge to a single point.


Now let's create the illusion of depth! Measure up from the base line 15mm.
Draw the line till it crosses the base vanishing lines. This will form the back face of the box.


Continue the lines up until they cross the top vanishing lines. where they do, draw a horizontal line accross. Take a soft pencil and just go over your outer lines just to beef them up abit. You should have a box in perspective.


Okay, now to form the shape for the side pouffe. We draw the base first. Follow the diagram and plot the measurements as shown. don't forget to use the perspective lines (vanishing lines). If it helps, draw the base lines in abit heavier.


This sketch just shows the box that will form the side pouffe. Measure up from the bottom of the rectangle, 20mm.


We now have our 2 basic shapes for the couch and side pouffe. I prefer to call it a sofa though!


start addding in some shape to the couch. To get the seat height, draw a line on the rectangle half way up from the base of the rectangle, which is in line with the top of the pouffe. then add a line below it for the frame. Finally shape up the sides and seat back with curvy lines.

Study this sketch and just follow along adding detail as required.


Wer'e looking great! Add 2 cushions and make those sofa curves sexy! Then add shadow as I've shown. Also now is a good time to shape up the metal legs.


Voilla! here's the finished drawing. I used thick and thin black pens to add that dramatic look to the drawing, so feel free to do the same. Also I used a black biro pen to add wood texture to the frame under the seat cushions, which I think works great!

You can add some colour with marker pen, crayons or even coloured inks or water colour. Hope you enjoyed it!!