Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site! Here at,
I want to show you how you can draw really cool and dynamic looking perpsective drawings on virtually any subject
that you would like to tackle - even if you've never drawn in perpsective before. Just watch the video below
to see how!



sofa-small 2-point-sofa modern-room-small

What You Need To Get Started

Before you dive right into drawing in perpsective, you need a few basic pieces of equipment to help you get started and in this short video, I go over all the things that you will need.
There's not much and its all pretty cheap! Once you got these few things you don't need to go out and buy anything else.

So what you will need are:
1 1 A3 layout pad. You can get on of these any good art shop or stationers.
2 A medium soft pencil such as a HB or 2B and a sharpener
3 A plastic ruler, about 300mm long, or a set of plastic triangles
4 some masking tape
5 a drawing surface, such as your dining table, desk or kitchen worktop
6 your favourite drink (mines coffee!) and maybe some biscuits or cookies!

what you need to get started