PART 2. In this series of videos I show you step-by step, how to get started with drawing this simple easy chair, a subject I covered previously when I first launched my website, but was illustrated with a series of drawings on the page. I also show you how to add alittle colour to it, as well as drawing a simple funky room setting for it too! Hope you enjoy the videos.


Exploring alittle more on single point, here I break down in 2 videos, how to draw from scratch the table and two chair arrangement shown on the left complete with shadows!



If you ready for a challenge then check this out! Draw this digital Olympus camera in 2 point perspective. In the videos I go through step-by-step, setting up the vanishing points, drawing your first lines, inking up and finally rendering!
You will love this one!:)




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 I hope you are enjoying the videos. I'm having alot of fun making them! I also hope that they have been helpful to you and have been of great value. On top of the videos I also have a awesome written and illustrated guide right here if your looking for more a little more in-depth information. It's called -

PERSPECTIVE MADE EASY. There's a ton of great information that will add what you have already learned from the videos, and is a useful resource with some great mini tutorials inside that you can do.

Also included are 2 BONUS perspective drawing PDFS worth $12.99 each so your'e getting great value!

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