Ok, first select a sheet of A4 layout paper, marker paper, or if your just getting started, plain A4 photocopy paper. Tape this down onto your desk. Just to keep things loose, I've drawn it both in free hand and at times used a ruler:).

Draw a box, A,B,C,D. A to B is 90mm, B to C is 75mm. D to C - 90mm and D to A is 75mm. Next draw the horizon line. Draw it 19mm above line DC



Now we need to draw the chamfered side on the left part of the box. Measure 45mm on the top edge and 25mm from the bottom and draw a line to get side 'x'. Now we have the funny shaped back wall


Next draw a dot for the vanishing point (v.p.) roughly where I've indicated. Then draw vanishing lines from that point, through the corners of the back wall to form the room sides and ceiling.


The space will have full height glass panels to the straight and angled planes on the left, so divide up the planes to give 'window line' as shown. Also now we can indicate the area where the raised level will be. I've shown it as 'Line'. Draw it roughly where I've shown it


Ok here's a funny bit. The raised level has a cool 'L-shape' to it. But instead of drawing it to the vanishing point, I've created a separate v-point so that it looks more scewed in the view. Draw in separate lines to form the steps. Have a look at interior design books or magazines, or even Pinterest to for pictures of steps and study them to get the feel of how they look...


Using the same principle for drawing the sofa in previous tutorials, draw a rectangle on the raised floor and a box shape for the log burner fire. draw two vertical lines above the fire for the flue. Both shapes perspective lines go back to the v.p.


Keep going with the boxes to get your shapes! Also, draw a cylinder on the floor for the pouffe. Remember, it's all about proportion!


The rear wall has that cool looking 60's modernist look with the random rock inserts. Draw them like this. Then add a big elliptical pendant on the right, hung from the ceiling..... Btw, I've drawn this all in pencil


Add a little bit of shading now to add depth, again, all in pencil. Iv'e also added a little more detail in the fittings like the lamp shade, pouffe and floor texture under the light and timber floor on the lower floor section. There's also a T.V. on the raised area.


here's the finished thing all inked in in black and some shadows thrown in to boot! I faintly inked the horizon line in and added trees in the distance to form the landscape. I hope you enjoyed drawing it!