Ok, first select a sheet of A4 layout paper, marker paper, or if your just getting started, plain A4 photocopy paper. Tape this down onto your desk. Just to keep things loose, I've done most of it free hand :).

Now draw a horizontal line towards the top of the sheet as shown.This is your eye level. Then draw a short line parallel to it below, 105mm or approx 10.5cm as shown.



Now unlike the single point excercise, we now have 2 vanishing points, not 1. These are WAY off the page. Infact, 340mm each side of the vertical line. So begin by drawing a vertical line in the middle of the horizontal line. Add extra sheets of paper either side on the one you are drawing on. Then, using your ruler, measure 340mm to the left - mark a dot, and 330mm to the right - mark a dot

The fancy picture frame with the cartoon hand is showing you, in minature, how it should look. The left dot is vanishing point 1 (Vp1) and vanishing point 2 (Vp2)


From point 'A' mark a point 37mm and 55mm up. Draw 2 vanishing lines to Vp1 using the 55mm measurement and 2 lines to Vp2 using the 37mm measurement This will eventually give our 2 sides in perspective.


From point 'A' measure 97mm and 50mm to give the sides. Draw a line up at point 'B' and point 'C' Where these vertical lines intersect the perspective lines they will form the sides.. Don't worry, Its not as complicated as it looks!

lines 1 will form the side A-C Lines 2 will form the side where B is.


Here's the 3D rectangle box shape with the lines drawn in heavier.


Okay, now to form the shape for the side pouffe. We draw the base first. Follow the diagram and plot the measurements as shown and use the pespective lines to get the shape. Don't forget to use the perspective lines (vanishing lines). If it helps, draw the base lines in abit heavier.


This sketch just shows the box that will form the side pouffe. Draw the height of the box roughly as shown, again using the perspective lines. We now have our 2 basic shapes for the couch and side pouffe.


If you had a go at the single point couch drawing, this should come a little easier. Start adding curved shapes to form the armrests and the back. Add a line for the seat cushions. Also divide the pouffe horizontally with 2 lines.


Gradually keep building up the shapes forming the seat pads, loose cushions and legs. finally add shadow - the light coming from the right.


10Using a thick marker pen and a biro, add heavy shadow and detail to produce a fine looking couch in 2 point perspective! :)

again as with the single point job, you can experiment and add colour and even a few objects, such a s a rug, side table people lounging timber floor, a dog atll floor lamp etc etc.. Look out for a variation of this in a really cool room setting!