Ok, first select a sheet of A4 layout paper, marker paper, or if your just getting started, plain A4 photocopy paper. Tape this down onto your desk.

Now draw a horizontal line towards the top of the sheet as shown.Mark a dot for the vanishing point. Then draw the top edge of the rectangle 13mm down from the dot. Using the measurements shown, draw the rest of the shape. Then draw a base line 4cm from the bottom of the shape.




Now, using your ruler or set square, draw perspective i.e. 'vanishing lines' from the dot (v.p or 'vanishing point' )

Ok, next draw another horizontal line 2.5cm up from the base line. Then where the line crosses the lower vanishing lines, draw two lines vertically up.

Where they intersect the top vanishing lines draw a top horizontal line. You should now have a larger rectangle in front.



Now let's create the illusion of depth! Draw a heavy line around the outside of the larger rectangle and also along the top vanishing lines - only a short length though. Finally heavy-in the rear top line.

Now draw an inner rectangle. Just roughly copy what I've done.

Now we have to divide the inner rectangle into 4 sections for the drawers. I use a ruler. Place the zero on the top line. Then place the number 4 on the bottom line. using a pencil, mark a dot at 1,2 and 3 on the ruler. These are your drawer positions



Okay, now now draw horizontal lines across for the drawers. For the shaped top, extend your previously drawn top lines and add wider vanishing lines for the edges. note the lightly pencilled curvy legs drawn in.

Now carefully double up the lines where you've just pencilled the drawers to add a bevel to the mirrored fronts. Ink in the curvy legs, add small circles for the handles and finally draw in a table lamp of your choice!

you will notice that I've added the start of a shadow under the chest.



Now grab a thick black marker and ink in the shadow, not forgetting the legs too.

To get that mirrored look simply, grab a cool grey marker pen and add a few quick splashes of colour. Bam! there ya go!!

If your just starting out and have never drawn like this before, then check out my Ebook. There's a wealth of information starting with the very basics and then up to more interesting stuff that is a great resource and that you will enjoy. It also comes with 2 Bonus PDF's too that you will love!